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About the works

Isaac Julien's Love/Hate diptych (2003) was produced as part of the body of photographic and film work entitled Paradise Omeros, which delves into the fantasies and feelings of creolité: the mixed language, the hybrid mental states and the territorial transpositions that arise when one lives in multiple cultures.

Set in London in the 60s and on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Paradise Omeros is based on Derek Walcott's epic poem Omeros, itself written as an answer to older tales of sea travels: Achile's, Odysseus', Ulysses'. The Nobel prize-winning poet Derek Walcott and the musician and composer Paul Gladstone Reid collaborated on the text and the score for the film, exploring together with Julien the memories of cultures, places and accents lost to time and to the cultural diaspora.

This photographic diptych which references Walcott as well as the cinematic trope of good and evil on knuckles - a modern classic - mirrors the duality of the experience in the state of exile: one of conflicted duality, hyphenated identity.