Atelier Van Lieshout | Heads

We are pleased to announce our Exclusive Christmas Special: a unique ink on paper drawing by Atelier Van Lieshout. In 2006, Atelier Van Lieshout created a series of Heads while he was working on SlaveCity. The Head drawings are framed and available for a special price of € 2400,- Excl. 9% VAT.

Click on the button below to enter our RM Store to discover this Exclusive Christmas Offer. For these paintings by Atelier Van Lieshout, the KunstKoop arrangement from the Mondriaan Fund, which allows you to purchase the artwork in monthly installments of € 72,- without any interest. Contact us for more information or for any questions.

About the Work:
Drawing is one of the main activities of Joep van Lieshout. Throughout the day he creates new sketches for his sculptural works. Van Lieshout, however, rarely produces and presents his paintings. In 2006, he created a series of drawings of the slave laborers of 
SlaveCity. The Heads of the laborers are now available in our RM Store.

In SlaveCity, Atelier Van Lieshout operates with ethical and aesthetic values, with the issues of diet, climatic change, organization, management and the market, all of which he provocatively, humorously and disturbingly combines and interprets. Lieshout’s SlaveCity does not need to import energy or food; it is organized on the basis of complete self-sufficiency. As the title of the project implies, its “participants” (the city’s slave laborers depicted in the Heads series) are exploited with the aim of total profit maximization. A strict security system ensures the draconian punishment of any breach of the rules. The models for SlaveCity illustrate an elaborately organized urban infrastructure with services, universities, health centers and shopping malls, villages, brothels and museums.

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