Lonneke de Groot | Heda 1b

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Lonneke de Groot
Heda 1b, 2021
Hahnemuehle matte fine art archival paper (bright white)
21 x 29,7 cm

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Based on original photograph from 2013

Artist Statement
In my work I place everyday objects in a bigger perspective. How can I see them in relation to space and time? I make  fragile still lifes – often from paper – which I capture with the camera. I wonder about depth becoming flat in a photograph  and look for the border between the two dimensional and the three dimensional.

In my work I create a space between presence and absence, between what is visible and what is invisible. I play with oppositions; I turn around, mirror and turn inside out. In all sorts of ways the topic 'copy versus original' plays a role. Sometimes the photograph itself is a new version of an existing image. I enjoy looking at the overlooked. I want to see it with new eyes and an intense gaze.

The series Heda (2013) consists of photographs of white tablecloths made out of paper, set against black backgrounds. The photographs are based on paintings by the 17th-century Dutch still life painter Willem Claesz Heda. In this series I question the way we perceive things and images and I wonder about the concept of 'vanitas'.